Motor for Sliding Gate

SLIDE - Sliding Gate Motor

LIKE IT presents the SLIDE engine, a new range of operators for sliding gates. Available in two versions - one with 24 VDC and 600 kg of power and another with 230 Vac and 1800 kg  of power, they are capable to adapt to all different kind of situations. In case of power failure, the engine can be operated applying batteries. The release (with key) is frontal and it is easily accessible.

Programming is simple and intuitive, being made through a digital menu with various types of programming of different settings. The structure is in aluminum, the base plate is in zinc and the cover is made of PVC with UV protection. This set of materials make SLIDE a concept that ensures an unchanged appearance even in the most adverse climatic conditions.

  • Mechanical Limit switch
  • Memory for 50 codes
  • Automatic closing
  • Route self-programmable
  • Ultra quiet opening and closing movement
  • Slowdown during final opening and closing movement
  • Multiple connections: Photocells, Push button, Key switch, Flashing light device
  • Safety Reverse system: Detection of obstacles at opening and closing movement, reversing is movement when detects an obstacle on closing movement, and stops when detects an obstacle in the opening movement, ensuring maximum safety for users.

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