Dock Shelter

The dock shelter is formed by a perimeter structure that holds a joint of canvas which is adapted to the bodywork of the vehicle. This structure is retractable because in case of producing an incorrect manoeuvre by the vehicle, the dock shelter goes to its initial position without any damage. 

Its aim is to provide a perfect isolation at the moment of loading and unloading in such a way that it gets an important energy saving such and the consequent protection of goods.

Covers Formed the joint of two lateral covers which take some serigraphy strips for helping with the vehicle manoeuvre and a superior cover forming the roof. These covers are manufactured by two polyester fabrics with flexible wefts to facilitate the flexion and
Security All the dock shelters are supplied with reflective vertical bands to help the manoeuvre of carriers and to avoid collisions which could damage the installations and the vehicle as well.
Flexibility against blows and scratching The retractable dock shelter cover is designed especially for providing an adding flexibility to the loading and unloading manoeuvres of vehicles of different dimensions.
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