Flexistep Passdoor

Designing and engineering a pass door with finger-safe system is a real challenge. Panel tolerances, gaps, seals, locks, aluminum profiles and finger-safe covers are the ingredients for the designers and everyone involved in this project. FlexiDoor has overcome several design conflicts and re-evaluations to now be ready to introduce you our solution: FlexiStep! We are happy with the end result. Our system allows our customers to have a pass door that features a solid construction, very small tolerances and a unique appearance.

FlexiStep – Be a step further!

Design Elegant design with anodized or lacquered aluminum profiles
Finger-safe system Finger-safe system with caps for the aluminum profiles. Design and safety!
Low bottom threshold profile The angled shape of the lower profile with only 28 mm of maximum height does not allow the water to enter and ensures an easy and safe passage even to a disabled person.
Multi point safety lock system When greater protection is required, Flexidoor can provide a lock with up to 4 locking points.
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