Flexidoor sandwich panel has a set of features that allows the panel to obtain optimum characteristics of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, water tightness and resistance to wind load.

For this, Flexidoor uses a modern technology on its factoring process, allowing total control over the product quality as well as the ability to handle with all orders.

In order to achieve the most demanding needs, Flexidoor also offers 80 mm Panel. 

Guided to Industrial doors, where a higher level of thermal insulation or greater wind resistance is required, the 80 mm thick panel is the perfect solution.
Technical Specifications
  • Heat transfer coefficient: -Panel 610 / 500 mm without seal: U= 0.53 W/m2K
  • Closed cell content: ±  94%
  • All panels have internally and externally a protective PVC film
  • Density: ± 45 Kg/m3
  • Adhesive strength: ±  0.15 MPa
  • Compressive strength: ±  0.13 MPa
  • Compressive Modulus of Elasticity: ±  2.68 MPa
  • Thermal conductivity: ±  0,02 W/mk
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