These retractable grilles are intended for the protection of doors, shop windows, windows or any other type of spaces.
  • Leaf consisting of a set of bars made of profiled steel sheet of 20x3mm, construction in the ‘X’ (cross) lattice.
  • The ‘X’ (cross) lattice leaf slides through top fixed rollers (bearings), which work inside of U-shaped metal profile, allows a soft and convenient functioning.
  • The retractable grilles open like a harmonium to the left, to the right or in two leaves with opening in the middle. To have a full clear passage, use the hinge aside and the leaf can fold to the side after being opened. The bottom track can be folding or removable to facilitate the entry.
  • All galvanised steel construction, with option of powder-coated paint in a RAL colour chosen by the customer.
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